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Why read Scripture through the lens of the kingdom?

Why this blog?2016-04-23
Why didn’t Jesus define the kingdom?2016-04-27
The “Aha” moment2016-04-29
A present or future kingdom?2016-05-02
Reading with a kingdom perspective2016-05-04
The kingdom theme: piecing it together2016-09-28
So what is the kingdom?2017-12-06
What’s the Bible’s main theme?2018-04-23
What is the kingdom of God?2019-07-26
Why I’m seeking the kingdom (podcast)2020-04-25
And now for something completely different?2020-08-03


Hearing Scripture as the story of the kingdom of God

Gen 1 – 11The world is God’s kingdom (podcast) (Genesis 1–11)2020-05-02
Gen 1 – 25The kingdom theme: piecing it together2016-09-28
Gen 1:1-19Who is God?2016-05-06
Gen 1:1 – 11:32The kingdom story in Genesis 1–112016-06-17
Gen 1:20-31Who are we?2016-05-09
Gen 2:1-14Was Eden God’s palace?2016-05-11
Gen 2:15-25What does it mean to be human?2016-05-13
Gen 3:1-14Who’s in charge now?2016-05-16
Gen 3:15-24What changed with the rebellion?2016-05-18
Gen 4:1-15What kind of world is God running?2016-05-20
Gen 4:16-26How far does the kingdom of God extend?2016-05-23
Gen 5:1-26Who will represent the sovereign?2016-05-25
Gen 6:1-6Who corrupted God’s world?2016-05-27
Gen 6:5-22Is there any justice?2016-05-30
Gen 7:1 – 8:22The kingdom is a partnership2016-06-01
Gen 9:1-6Earthly government2016-06-03
Gen 9:6Capital punishment?2016-06-06
Gen 9:7-17God’s commitment to reign2016-06-08
Gen 9:18-29Why slavery?2016-06-10
Gen 10:1-32Why war?2016-06-13
Gen 11:1-32Can the nations take over God’s reign?2016-06-15
Gen 12 – 25Abraham’s life: a summary2016-09-26
Gen 12 – 25Abraham and the obstacles to God’s kingdom (podcast) (Genesis 12–25)2020-05-09
Gen 12:1-3YHWH launches a nation of his own2016-06-27
Gen 12:4-9God shows up2016-06-29
Gen 12:10-20What if we’re unfaithful?2016-07-01
Gen 13:1-18Lot’s distraction2016-07-04
Gen 14:1-16The threat of war2016-07-06
Gen 14:17-20Who was Melchizedek?2016-07-08
Gen 14:21-24How will the nations respond?2016-07-11
Gen 15:1-5Was Abram a prophet?2016-07-15
Gen 15:6Faith as righteousness2016-07-18
Gen 15:7-21Covenant with Abram2016-07-20
Gen 16:1-3Why couldn’t they see it?2016-07-25
Gen 16:2Divine control?2016-07-27
Gen 16:4-12When God’s people don’t love2016-07-29
Gen 16:13-16What about those who’ve never heard the name?2016-08-01
Gen 17:1-3Revealing the ruler: God Shaddai2016-08-03
Gen 17:4-8God’s commitment to rule2016-08-05
Gen 17:9-27The sign of the covenant2016-08-08
Gen 18:1-15The king’s visit2016-08-10
Gen 18:16-21Friend of the king2016-08-12
Gen 18:22-33Arguing with God2016-08-15
Gen 19:1-29Why was Sodom destroyed?2016-08-17
Gen 19:1-37What was the sin of Sodom?2016-08-22
Gen 19:30 – 30:37Rescued, but restless2016-08-19
Gen 20:1-18God stands with his flawed people2016-08-29
Gen 21:1-21Share the laughter!2016-08-31
Gen 21:1-34Living at peace in a troubled world2016-09-02
Gen 22:1-2Why did Abraham plan to kill his son?2016-09-05
Gen 22:3-9The binding of Isaac2016-09-07
Gen 22:10-12Why did God test Abraham?2016-09-09
Gen 22:13-24Jehovah Jireh2016-09-12
Gen 23:1-20Abraham finally gets some land2016-09-14
Gen 24:1-12On a mission2016-09-16
Gen 24:13-21A test for the bride2016-09-19
Gen 24:22-67Rebekah’s romance2016-09-21
Gen 25 – 36Jacob and the kingdom of God (podcast) (Genesis 25–36)2020-05-16
Gen 25:1-34What did Abraham achieve?2016-09-23
Gen 25:29-34Abraham’s family disintegrates2016-10-12
Gen 26:1-35Isaac: the next kingdom representative2016-10-10
Gen 27:1-46Abraham’s family disintegrates2016-10-12
Gen 28:10-17Jacob’s dream: a portal between heaven and earth2016-10-17
Gen 28:18-22Jacob’s new direction2016-10-21
Gen 29 – 30Jacob in exile: hope in difficult times2016-10-24
Gen 31:1-55When running is bad for your health2016-10-26
Gen 32:1-12Discovering God’s army2016-10-28
Gen 32:13-21Jacob’s reconciliatory gift2016-10-31
Gen 32:22-32Israel and the face of God2016-11-02
Gen 33:1-20Living among people who don’t recognize God2016-11-04
Gen 34:1-2When you get hurt2016-11-07
Gen 34:3-31How do we fight injustice?2016-11-09
Gen 34:30-31Were Simeon and Levi justified?2016-11-11
Gen 35:1-29Jacob’s life in God’s house2016-11-14
Gen 36:1-43Esau’s ordinary kingdom2016-11-16
Gen 37 – 50Joseph: servant of the king (podcast) (Genesis 37–50)2020-05-23
Gen 49:5-7Were Simeon and Levi justified?2016-11-11
ExExodus: the setting2018-07-23
ExExodus: God’s kingdom established2018-07-21
ExSalvation is bigger than you think2018-09-10
Ex 1:1-11How human rule goes bad2018-07-25
Ex 1:12-22What do you fear?2018-07-27
Ex 2:1-10Strong women of Exodus2018-07-30
Ex 2:11-14Fighting violence with violence2018-08-01
Ex 2:15-25Your kingdom identifies you2018-08-03
Ex 3:1-10A royal encounter2018-08-06
Ex 3:6The God who raises the dead (Matthew 22:31-32)2021-01-22
Ex 3:11-15Partnering with God2018-08-08
Ex 3:16-22Helping God’s people find their identity2018-08-10
Ex 4:1-17Who establishes God’s kingdom?2018-08-15
Ex 4:13-20God’s spokesman2018-08-17
Ex 4:14Does God get angry?2018-08-20
Ex 4:21-23God’s firstborn son2018-08-22
Ex 4:24-26Why did God try to kill Moses?2018-08-24
Ex 4:27-31What does it mean to believe?2018-08-27
Ex 5:1-13The party God2018-08-29
Ex 5:14 – 6:1When it feels worse2018-09-03
Ex 6:2-7The saviour revealed2018-09-05
Ex 6:8-9When faith fades (Exodus 6:8-9)2018-09-07
Ex 6:13 – 30Why did God try to kill Moses?2018-08-24
Ex 7 – 9Six demonstrations of divine kingship2018-09-17
Ex 7 – 13Purpose of the plagues2018-09-14
Ex 9:13-35Seventh plague: God’s big purpose2018-09-19
Ex 10When everything’s gone and the lights go out2018-10-10
Ex 10:1-2Pharaoh’s hard heart2018-10-01
Ex 10:3Humility2018-10-03
Ex 11 – 12When Egypt lost its heirs2018-10-12
Ex 12 – 13Significance of Passover2018-10-15
Ex 13:17-22The king in the cloud2018-10-17
Ex 14:1-9When it feels like a dead end2018-10-22
Ex 14:13-15‘Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord’2018-10-24
Ex 14:15-31When the threat of force sinks under its own weight2018-10-26
Ex 15:1-21The significant song2018-10-29
Ex 15:22-27The king who heals creation2018-11-05
Lev 19:18Loving God and people (Matthew 22:34-40)2021-01-25
Deut 6:4-6How do you love God?2020-05-25
Deut 6:5Loving God and people (Matthew 22:34-40)2021-01-25
Deut 29:5If you didn’t have to shop2018-10-31
1 Sam 10:26 – 11:15Why the right eye?2017-03-06
2 Chron 9:1-13Jesus’ most overt kingship claim2018-03-23
PsaThe Psalms in 5 minutes2018-11-16
PsaAre the Psalms messianic?2020-01-02
Psa 2:2Loving God and people (Matthew 22:34-40)2021-01-25
Psa 2:7-8The wedding of the king’s son (Matthew 22:1-7)2021-01-05
Psa 3How to read Psalms2019-12-31
Psa 8Jesus in the Psalms? (Psalm 8)2020-12-07
Psa 8:1-2How majestic! (Psalm 8)2020-12-02
Psa 22Why have you forsaken me?2020-01-06
Psa 23Voice of an under-shepherd2017-04-07
Psa 45The wedding of the king’s son (Matthew 22:1-7)2021-01-05
Psa 72Celebrating the arrival of the King2016-12-26
Psa 78Parables help us get our bearings2018-04-20
Psa 110David’s Lord (Matthew 22:41-46)2021-01-28
Psa 118:17-26Is Israel God’s kingdom today? (Matthew 21:40-46)2020-12-31
Psa 118:22-29Hosanna: the king who saves his realm (Matthew 21:6-9)2020-11-13
Eccl 1 – 12Ecclesiastes: a meaningless book?2016-08-06
IsaGod’s kingdom in Isaiah2018-10-08
Isa 5:1-7Tenants in God’s vineyard (Matthew 21:33-44)2020-12-29
Isa 6:9-10Calling all creatives2018-04-11
Isa 6:9-10Why parables? Jesus’ answer2019-08-07
Isa 40 – 53Who is the ‘Servant of the Lord’?2018-02-21
Isa 55:10-11Who was the sower?2018-04-09
Isa 59:15-17When did God wear armour? (Ephesians 6:11)2020-04-27
Isa 61:1-2Faith versus mistrust2018-09-21
Jere 31:15-40An unknown from nowhere2016-12-09
Lam 5:5-22Jesus’ liberating kingship2018-01-29
EzeSon of Man in Ezekiel2017-07-26
Eze 37Questions take you deeper (Ephesians 2)2019-09-23
Eze 37:25Is Israel God’s kingdom today? (Matthew 21:40-46)2020-12-31
DanDaniel: Who’s running the world? (podcast)2020-06-06
Dan 7:13-14Son of Man in Daniel2017-07-21
Hos 6:1-6Where did Jesus learn mercy?2017-09-01
Jonah 2How Jonah inspired Jesus2018-03-21
Mic 7:5-8A disarmed kingdom2017-10-27
Zech 9:9 – 10The king who comes in peace (Matthew 21:1-9)2020-11-11
Mat 1 – 5Matthew 1–5 reveals Jesus fulfilling Torah2017-01-20
Mat 1 – 10KINGDOM SUMMARY: Matthew 1–102017-12-04
Mat 1 – 28Matthew’s main message2016-11-21
Mat 1:1-17Why
Mat 1:18-25Immanuel2016-11-25
Mat 1:22-23Our king among us2016-11-28
Mat 2:1-10King of the Jews2016-11-30
Mat 2:1-12How did the magi find Jesus?2016-12-02
Mat 2:13-15Jesus fulfils what?2016-12-05
Mat 2:16-23God as asylum seeker2016-12-07
Mat 2:17-23An unknown from nowhere2016-12-09
Mat 3:1-6A voice in the wild2016-12-14
Mat 3:7-12A king announced by a prophet2016-12-19
Mat 3:11-12What is baptism with the Holy Spirit?2016-12-28
Mat 3:13-16Jesus’ priestly purification2016-12-21
Mat 3:16Where did baptism come from?2016-12-16
Mat 3:17Heaven’s proclamation of Jesus2016-12-23
Mat 4:1The Spirit led Jesus to be tested?2017-01-04
Mat 4:2-4When power is tempting2017-01-06
Mat 4:8-11All the kingdoms of the world2017-01-11
Mat 4:12-17Light in dark places2017-01-13
Mat 4:18-22The people of the kingdom2017-01-16
Mat 4:23-25Jesus’ kingdom agenda2017-01-18
Mat 5 – 6Whose honour?2017-03-27
Mat 5 – 7Instruction from the king (aka Sermon on the Mount)2017-01-23
Mat 5:3-6The other side of “blessed”2017-01-27
Mat 5:3-6Blessed2017-01-25
Mat 5:3-6Beatitudes: blessings from the king (podcast)2020-06-13
Mat 5:3-12What’s the value of God’s reign?2018-04-27
Mat 5:3-12The best way to understand Jesus2017-02-01
Mat 5:3-12Jesus’ kingdom manifesto2017-02-10
Mat 5:3-12Humanity untwisted: the joy of the Beatitudes2017-02-03
Mat 5:7-12How does he kingdom come?2017-01-30
Mat 5:10-12Conflict of kingdoms2017-02-06
Mat 5:13Salt of the earth2017-02-08
Mat 5:13-16Are Christians the moral police?2017-02-15
Mat 5:13-16Distinctively God’s kingdom: salt and light2017-02-13
Mat 5:14-16Who is the light of the world?2017-02-17
Mat 5:17-20Do the Ten Commandments apply to Christians?2017-02-22
Mat 5:17-20Why wasn’t Jesus demanding obedience?2017-02-20
Mat 5:21-22If you’re angry, are you a killer?2017-02-24
Mat 5:23-26Reconciliation or retribution? What do you want?2017-02-27
Mat 5:27-28Feeling guilty2017-03-01
Mat 5:29Why the right eye?2017-03-06
Mat 5:29-30Ripping out an eye?2017-03-03
Mat 5:31-32Divorce2017-03-08
Mat 5:33-37As true as our king2017-03-10
Mat 5:38-42Retribution versus justice2017-03-13
Mat 5:43Who is our enemy?2017-03-20
Mat 5:43-48Enemy love2017-03-15
Mat 5:43-48His kingdom in a violent world2017-03-17
Mat 5:43-48God as Father2017-03-22
Mat 6Authentic or acting?2017-03-29
Mat 6:1-4A generous kingdom2017-03-31
Mat 6:5-8What is prayer?2017-04-10
Mat 6:9-13The Lord’s Prayer as Jesus’ kingdom vision2018-11-22
Mat 6:9-15The Lord’s Prayer2017-04-12
Mat 6:14-15Unconditional forgiveness?2017-04-17
Mat 6:16-18Fasting2017-04-19
Mat 6:19-24The focus of your life2017-04-24
Mat 6:25-34Stressed about your social standing?2017-04-26
Mat 6:33What is seeking the kingdom?2017-05-01
Mat 6:33When the church doesn’t get the kingdom2018-11-19
Mat 7:1-6Careful how you judge2017-05-29
Mat 7:7-11Knocking on heaven’s door2017-05-31
Mat 7:12The Golden rule2017-06-02
Mat 7:13-14The less obvious way2017-06-05
Mat 7:15-20The produce defines the tree2017-06-07
Mat 7:21-23Acknowledging Jesus as Lord2017-06-09
Mat 7:21-29Jesus’ authority as King (podcast) (Matthew 7:21-29)2020-06-20
Mat 7:24-27A rock worth building on2017-06-12
Mat 7:24-27So what do we do if we don’t preach guilt?2019-01-30
Mat 7:28-29Hearing the king2017-06-14
Mat 8:1-4Asking good questions2017-06-16
Mat 8:2Why kneel?2017-06-19
Mat 8:2-4The leper and the king2017-06-23
Mat 8:4A secret Messiah?2017-06-26
Mat 8:5-10Faith that amazed Jesus2017-06-28
Mat 8:5-13What is faith? (podcast) (Matthew 8:5-13)2020-06-27
Mat 8:10-13Jesus’ kingdom hope2017-06-30
Mat 8:14-17What does the way you read reveal about you?2017-07-04
Mat 8:14-17Can the kingdom gospel bring us together?2017-07-06
Mat 8:14-17Jesus the healer2017-07-07
Mat 8:18-22The decision moment with Jesus2017-07-12
Mat 8:20The homeless king2017-07-31
Mat 8:20Jesus, the son of man2017-07-28
Mat 8:20Introducing the Son of Man2017-07-17
Mat 8:21-39Israel’s king as cosmic king? (Matthew 8:21-39)2020-06-29
Mat 8:23-27When your life is threatened2017-08-04
Mat 8:28-34What if people don’t want Jesus as king?2017-08-07
Mat 9:2What about sin?2017-08-09
Mat 9:2-8Jesus’ authority on earth2017-08-16
Mat 9:5-6What is forgiveness?2017-08-14
Mat 9:9-12What’s with tax collectors?2017-08-21
Mat 9:13Where did Jesus learn mercy?2017-09-01
Mat 9:13Meditating on mercy2017-08-30
Mat 9:14-17Managing criticism2017-09-06
Mat 9:18-26The king understands his people2017-09-08
Mat 9:27-31Personal Saviour or Son of David?2017-09-11
Mat 9:32-34Do you recognize the king’s authority?2017-09-18
Mat 9:35-38Jesus our shepherd2017-09-20
Mat 10:1Why did Jesus appoint 12 apostles?2017-09-25
Mat 10:1-4Why no women among Jesus’ apostles?2017-09-27
Mat 10:2-4Mentoring is ministry2017-09-29
Mat 10:5-8How the Shepherd gathers his sheep2017-10-06
Mat 10:9-15A grassroots kingdom2017-10-11
Mat 10:16Sheep among wolves2017-10-13
Mat 10:17-23Clash of kingdoms2017-10-20
Mat 10:24-25Like our teacher2017-10-23
Mat 10:26-31Where’s God’s justice in an unjust world?2017-11-01
Mat 10:29-31The kingdom is God with his creatures2017-11-08
Mat 10:32-33Responding to the gospel of the kingdom2019-01-23
Mat 10:32-33Where’s your allegiance?2017-11-10
Mat 10:34-39A disarmed kingdom2017-10-27
Mat 10:40-42Righteous people?2017-11-27
Mat 11:1-6Disillusioned with Jesus?2018-01-15
Mat 11:7-11When the king is dishonoured2018-01-17
Mat 11:12Advancing forcefully or suffering violence?2018-01-19
Mat 11:16-19Coping with social pressure2018-01-22
Mat 11:20-24Why woe?2018-01-24
Mat 11:25-29Jesus’ liberating kingship2018-01-29
Mat 11:25-29Invitation to rest2018-01-26
Mat 11:28-30The blessing of rest2018-02-05
Mat 12:1-4The king who gives rest2018-02-07
Mat 12:6Greater than the temple?2018-02-09
Mat 12:8Giving God’s world rest2018-02-14
Mat 12:9-13The message of Jesus’ miracles2018-02-16
Mat 12:14-21Face or flee? What Jesus did with conflict2018-02-19
Mat 12:17-21Who is the ‘Servant of the Lord’?2018-02-21
Mat 12:22-29Out of darkness2018-02-28
Mat 12:30-32What’s the unforgivable sin?2018-03-02
Mat 12:33Why does context matter?2018-03-09
Mat 12:34You say more than you realize2018-03-16
Mat 12:38-41How Jonah inspired Jesus2018-03-21
Mat 12:42Jesus’ most overt kingship claim2018-03-23
Mat 12:43-45Worse off with Jesus?2018-03-26
Mat 12:46-59Belonging to the royal family2018-03-29
Mat 13Parables of the king2018-04-06
Mat 13:1-23Who was the sower?2018-04-09
Mat 13:10-17Calling all creatives2018-04-11
Mat 13:11-17Why parables? Jesus’ answer2019-08-07
Mat 13:24-43What about the weeds in God’s world?2018-04-13
Mat 13:31-33The little seed that filled the world2018-04-16
Mat 13:33Infecting the world with good2018-04-18
Mat 13:34-35Parables help us get our bearings2018-04-20
Mat 13:44Discovering what counts2018-04-25
Mat 13:45-46What’s the value of God’s reign?2018-04-27
Mat 13:47-50Why doesn’t God sort it out?2018-05-02
Mat 13:51-52Trained for kingdom business2018-05-04
Mat 13:53-58How does Jesus become king?2018-05-09
Mat 14:1-12What power do the rulers of this world have over God’s people?2018-05-16
Mat 14:1-21A tale of two kings2018-05-21
Mat 14:13-21Feeding the multitude2018-05-18
Mat 14:13-21The Moses connection2018-05-23
Mat 14:22-33Tyrants or tempests? From what does Jesus save? (Matthew 14:22-33)2020-06-12
Mat 14:33-36His healing presence (Matthew 14:33-36)2020-06-15
Mat 15:1-7Freed, or in fear? (Matthew 15:1-7)2020-06-17
Mat 15:10-20Jesus’ relational intelligence (Matthew 15:10-20)2020-06-22
Mat 15:17-20What the heart speaks (Matthew 15:10-20)2020-06-24
Mat 16:5-12How the kingdom rises (Matthew 16:5-12)2020-07-01
Mat 16:13-16Declaring Jesus king (Matthew 16:13-16)2020-07-03
Mat 16:13-17Jesus as global leader (Matthew 16:13-17)2020-07-06
Mat 16:16What does ‘Son of God’ mean (Matthew 16:16)?2019-07-31
Mat 16:16-18The gospel revelation (Matthew 16:16-18)2020-08-14
Mat 16:18What “church” did Jesus expect? (Matthew 16:18)2020-07-10
Mat 16:18-19Peter as pope? (Matthew 16:18-19)2020-07-08
Mat 16:19Binding and loosing (Matthew 16:19)2020-07-13
Mat 16:20-23“Get behind me, Satan” (Matthew 16:20-23)2020-07-24
Mat 16:21 – 17:23Son of man: suffering king (Matthew 16:21–17:23)2020-08-17
Mat 16:24-26What are you living for? (Matthew 16:24-26)2020-07-27
Mat 16:27-28Jesus’ paradoxical path to power (Matthew 16:27-28)2020-07-29
Mat 17:1-8See a glorious king? (Matthew 17:1-8)2020-08-05
Mat 17:2-8The Moses connection (Matthew 17:2-8)2020-08-07
Mat 17:2-13The Elijah connection (Matthew 17:2-13)2020-08-10
Mat 17:5The gospel of God (Matthew 17:5)2020-08-12
Mat 17:22-27Jesus did refer to himself as a king (Matthew 17:22-27)2020-08-19
Mat 17:26-27Should Christians pay tax?2021-01-18
Mat 18Kingdom justice: how it comes (Matthew 18)2020-09-21
Mat 18:1-5How to receive Christ (Matthew 18:1-5)2020-08-21
Mat 18:6Don’t fall for repaying evil with evil (Matthew 18:6)2020-08-24
Mat 18:7-10Are we worse off if we live unselfishly? (Matthew 18:7-10)2020-08-29
Mat 18:12-14The shepherd’s heart (Matthew 18:12-14)2020-09-04
Mat 18:15-17How far do you push for reconciliation? (Matthew 18:15-17)2020-09-09
Mat 18:18-20The king is in community (Matthew 18:18-20)2020-09-14
Mat 18:21-22How far does forgiveness go? (Matthew 18:21-22)2020-09-16
Mat 18:23-35Forgiveness: reciprocated or rescinded (Matthew 18:23-35)2020-09-18
Mat 19:1-12Can I have a divorce? (Matthew 19:1-12)2020-09-23
Mat 19:4-9Handling Scripture as Jesus did (Matthew 19:4-9)2020-09-24
Mat 19:13-15How Jesus saw children (Matthew 19:13-15)2020-09-28
Mat 19:14Original kingdom, or original sin? (Matthew 19:14)2020-09-30
Mat 19:16-22When ‘good’ leads you to ‘great’ (Matthew 19:16-22)2020-10-05
Mat 19:23-26The camel that won’t go through (Matthew 19:23-26)2020-10-07
Mat 19:27-30Son of man enthroned (Matthew 19:27-30)2020-10-09
Mat 20:1-16Working in God’s vineyard (Matthew 20:1-16)2020-10-21
Mat 20:17-19How Jesus explained the cross (Matthew 20:17-19)2020-10-23
Mat 20:20-23What’s your kingdom vision? (Matthew 20:20-23)2020-10-26
Mat 20:24-28Jesus compared to other kings (Matthew 20:24-28)2020-11-02
Mat 20:25-34Regaining the good news of Jesus’ kingship2020-11-09
Mat 20:28How serving can ransom many (Matthew 20:28)2020-11-04
Mat 20:29-34See, Son of David! (Matthew 20:29-34)2020-11-06
Mat 21The authority of stories (Matthew 21)2020-12-18
Mat 21:1-9The king who comes in peace (Matthew 21:1-9)2020-11-11
Mat 21:6-9Hosanna: the king who saves his realm (Matthew 21:6-9)2020-11-13
Mat 21:10-11Who’s this? (Matthew 21:10-11)2020-11-16
Mat 21:12-13Why did Jesus overturn the temple? (Matthew 21:12-13)2020-11-19
Mat 21:14-16Defective and immature people in God’s house? (Matthew 21:14-16)2020-11-23
Mat 21:16How majestic! (Psalm 8)2020-12-02
Mat 21:16Jesus in the Psalms? (Psalm 8)2020-12-07
Mat 21:17-22The end of unfruitfulness (Matthew 21 :17-22)2020-12-09
Mat 21:23-27Who’s in charge? (Matthew 21:23-27)2020-12-11
Mat 21:28-32Who’s the obedient son? (Matthew 21:28-32)2020-12-21
Mat 21:33-44Tenants in God’s vineyard (Matthew 21:33-44)2020-12-29
Mat 21:40-46Is Israel God’s kingdom today? (Matthew 21:40-46)2020-12-31
Mat 22:1-7The wedding of the king’s son (Matthew 22:1-7)2021-01-05
Mat 22:8-14Called or chosen? (Matthew 22:8-14)2021-01-07
Mat 22:15-18Personal identity and social influence (Matthew 22:15-18)2021-01-11
Mat 22:21Should Christians pay tax?2021-01-18
Mat 22:23-33Can there be a resurrection when our relationships are so messy? (Matthew 22:23-33)2021-01-20
Mat 22:31-32The God who raises the dead (Matthew 22:31-32)2021-01-22
Mat 22:34-40Loving God and people (Matthew 22:34-40)2021-01-25
Mat 22:41-46David’s Lord (Matthew 22:41-46)2021-01-28
Mat 23Woe there: how did Jesus treat his enemies? (Matthew 23)2021-02-01
Mat 23:1-12Leadership is supporting people, not social climbing (Matthew 23:1-12)2021-02-03
Mat 23:13-32Why did Jesus shame Jerusalem’s leaders? (Matthew 23:13-39)2021-02-05
Mat 23:25-39The power of life and death (Matthew 23:25-39)2021-02-08
Mat 24:1-14The end: where are we headed? (Matthew 24:1-14)2021-02-10
Mat 24:6-41Jesus on war: pacifism, or just war?2019-07-15
Mat 24:9-30The tribulation and Jesus’ kingship (Matthew 24:9-30)2021-02-15
Mat 24:15-28The fall of the Jerusalem temple (Matthew 24:15-28)2021-02-12
Mat 24:23-25Messiahs and their prophets (Matthew 24:23-25)2021-02-17
Mat 24:26-27The coming of the son of man (Matthew 24:26-27)2021-02-19
Mat 24:29Shaking the powers (Matthew 24:29)2021-02-22
Mat 24:30Coming with the clouds (Matthew 24:30)2021-02-24
Mat 24:30-31Why are the people of earth mourning? (Matthew 24:30-31)2021-02-26
Mat 24:32-35Fig trees and seasonal change (Matthew 24:32-35)2021-03-01
Mat 24:36Why we can’t know when (Matthew 24:36)2021-03-03
Mat 24:37-41One taken; one left (Matthew 24:37-41)2021-03-05
Mat 24:42-47Coming like a thief (Matthew 24:42-47)2021-03-08
Mat 24:45-51Serving in God’s house (Matthew 24:45-51)2021-03-10
Mat 25:1-13Missing the wedding (Matthew 25:1-13)2021-03-15
Mat 25:14-30The joy of serving (Matthew 25:14-30)2021-03-17
Mat 25:31-33The king who sorts it out (Matthew 25:31-33)2021-03-22
Mat 25:34-46How the king evaluates his people (Matthew 25:34-46)2021-03-24
Mat 25:40Who are “my brothers?” (Matthew 25:40)2021-03-26
Mat 25:45Refugees2019-03-18
Mat 26:1-5Why did Jesus die? (Matthew 26:1-5)2021-03-29
Mat 26:6-13The unexpected gift (Matthew 26:4-13)2021-03-31
Mat 26:14-16Giving up your king (Matthew 26:14-16)2021-04-02
Mat 26:17-29My blood of the covenant (Matthew 26:28)2021-04-10
Mat 28:17-20The church’s role: public servants2020-01-13
Mat 28:17-20Society on the couch2020-01-08
MarkMark’s Gospel in the Story of God (Tim Gombis)2021-03-12
Mark 4:26-29Evangelism as Jesus practiced it (Mark 4:26-29)2020-12-16
Mark 8:29What does ‘Son of God’ mean (Matthew 16:16)?2019-07-31
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Luke 1:46-55Mary’s Christmas message2019-12-13
Luke 6:20-26The other side of “blessed”2017-01-27
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Luke 9:20What does ‘Son of God’ mean (Matthew 16:16)?2019-07-31
Luke 17:20-21Who, not when2019-07-29
Luke 24:47Forgiveness of sins2019-01-28
John 1:1-5Introducing Jesus2019-02-08
John 1:1-29Hope for the world (John 1:29)2020-07-31
John 2:23-25Finding it hard to believe? (John 3:16)2019-02-15
John 3:3The kingdom and personal evangelism2017-12-11
John 3:16The evangelical message (John 3:16)2019-02-20
John 3:16Finding it hard to believe? (John 3:16)2019-02-15
John 3:16God’s gift to the world (John 3:16)2019-02-13
John 3:16Perishing vs eternal life (John 3:16)2019-02-18
John 3:16God and his world (John 3:16)2019-02-11
John 3:16-17John 3:16 — a kingdom perspective2016-06-24
John 4:42Saviour of the world2020-01-22
John 10:1-18The good shepherd2018-01-10
John 16:20-22Journey to joy (Good Friday)2018-03-30
John 16:33How Jesus overcomes the world’s power problem2019-02-04
ActsThe apostles’ gospel (Acts)2020-04-06
ActsTheme of Acts2016-07-13
ActsThe apostles’ gospel explained2020-04-08
Acts 4:12Should Christians support or oppose Trump’s impeachment?2019-12-22
Acts 16:16-24Why doesn’t the Bible condemn slavery? (Ephesians 6:5-9)2020-04-22
Acts 16:16-40Shaking the chains at Philippi (podcast) (Acts 16:16-40)2020-04-19
Acts 17:30-31God’s couriers2020-03-11
Rom 1 – 16Romans: opening and closing theme2016-08-24
Rom 8:35-39The kingdom and personal power: more than conquerors?2017-12-13
Rom 10:9-10What commitment do we ask people to make?2019-01-18
Rom 10:9-14What does it mean to believe?2018-08-27
Rom 12:1What worship pleases God?2019-04-22
Rom 12:2How a new mind transforms the world2019-04-24
Rom 12:3-8Finding your identity2019-04-26
Rom 12:9-10Genuine love2019-05-14
Rom 12:11-13Living hope2019-05-29
Rom 12:14-21Living in the cross-hairs2019-07-17
Rom 13:1-7Does God authorize governments?2018-09-26
Rom 13:1-7Should Christians go to war?2018-09-28
Rom 13:6-7Should Christians pay tax?2021-01-18
1 Cor 1:18The folly of the cross2018-08-31
1 Cor 1:26-31The powerful God who reigns in weakness2020-01-25
1 Cor 4:7-13The kingdom and personal power: more than conquerors?2017-12-13
1 Cor 11 – 13How should we do church?2019-08-29
1 Cor 11:17-22The Lord’s supper as imperial banquet?2019-04-04
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GalTom Wright on Galatians (podcasts)2019-09-16
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EphEphesians: a kingdom perspective (free commentary)2020-05-20
EphChrist and the rulers of this world2020-05-06
Eph 1:1The significance of kingdom in New Testament letters2019-09-30
Eph 1:4-10The destiny God has planned for us2019-09-02
Eph 1:18-23Kingdom or Church?2019-09-04
Eph 2Questions take you deeper (Ephesians 2)2019-09-23
Eph 2:1-10In Christ: humanity restored (Ephesians 2:1–10)2019-09-18
Eph 2:3Is God angry with us?2020-06-08
Eph 2:4-17Solving the world’s problems2020-05-18
Eph 2:5-6What difference does the resurrection make? (Easter Sunday)2018-04-01
Eph 2:8-9God’s kingdom and salvation2018-01-08
Eph 2:11-22Good news of peace (Ephesians 2:11-22)2019-09-20
Eph 3:1In honour and shame (Ephesians 3:13)2019-10-11
Eph 3:1Making sense of suffering when Christ is king (Ephesians 3:1)2019-10-02
Eph 3:2-6Good mysteries have a reveal (Ephesians 3:2-6)2019-09-27
Eph 3:2-9The apocalyptic framework of Ephesians 32019-10-04
Eph 3:10Revealing the reign (Ephesians 3:10)2019-10-07
Eph 3:10-11Who are the rulers of Ephesians 3:10?2019-10-09
Eph 3:13In honour and shame (Ephesians 3:13)2019-10-11
Eph 3:14-19God and the human family (Ephesians 3:14-19)2019-10-14
Eph 3:20-21More than we imagine (Ephesians 3:20)2019-10-16
Eph 4:1Ethics from a convict (Ephesians 4:1)2019-10-25
Eph 4:1-6Being good news (Ephesians 4:1-6)2019-10-28
Eph 4:1-6Spiritual formation (Ephesians 4:1–6)2020-02-04
Eph 4:1-13God’s couriers2020-03-11
Eph 4:1-16Becoming human: life in Christ (Ephesians 4:1-16)2020-02-01
Eph 4:7-10Grace is a generous king (Ephesians 4:7–10)2019-11-01
Eph 4:10-13Empowering the king’s servants (Ephesians 4:10-13)2019-11-11
Eph 4:14-16The kingdom goal (Ephesians 4:14-16)2019-11-23
Eph 4:17-24Kingdom culture (Ephesians 4:17–24)2020-02-08
Eph 4:22-24Fitted for a crown2018-07-17
Eph 4:25The truth about lying (Ephesians 4:25)2020-02-11
Eph 4:26Processing offence (Ephesians 4:26)2020-02-13
Eph 4:27No place for the devil (Ephesians 4:27)2020-02-18
Eph 4:28Thieves vs philanthropists (Ephesians 4:28)2020-02-20
Eph 4:29 – 5:2The scent of your words (Ephesians 4:29 – 5:2)2020-02-24
Eph 5:1-5Sex and power (Ephesians 5:1–5)2020-02-26
Eph 5:5-7The kingdom of Christ and God (Ephesians 5:5-7)2020-02-28
Eph 5:8-14Light and dark (Ephesians 5:8-14)2020-03-02
Eph 5:14Who is the sleeper? (Ephesians 5:14)2020-03-04
Eph 5:14-20The gospel call (Ephesians 5:14)2020-03-09
Eph 5:15-20Happiness without harm (Ephesians 5:15-20)2020-03-16
Eph 5:21Kingdom lifestyle: submitting to each other (Ephesians 5:21)2020-03-26
Eph 5:21Fear of Christ (Ephesians 5:21)2020-03-23
Eph 5:21-32The divine romance (Ephesians 5:31-32)2020-04-15
Eph 5:21-33At home with the gospel (Ephesians 5:21-33)2020-04-13
Eph 6:1-4Raising children (Ephesians 6:1-4)2020-04-17
Eph 6:5-9Why doesn’t the Bible condemn slavery? (Ephesians 6:5-9)2020-04-22
Eph 6:10-17The armour of God (Ephesians 6:10-17)2020-04-24
Eph 6:11When did God wear armour? (Ephesians 6:11)2020-04-27
Eph 6:11-17The kingdom and spiritual warfare2017-12-21
Eph 6:13-17Using God’s armour (Ephesians 6:13-17)2020-04-29
Eph 6:15The gospel of peace2019-09-25
Eph 6:17Sword of the Spirit (Ephesians 6:17)2020-05-01
Eph 6:18-20Staying in touch with our king (Ephesians 6:18-20)2020-05-11
Eph 6:21-22A courier for God’s house (Ephesians 6:21-22)2020-05-13
Eph 6:23-24Peace and grace: the greeting that can deliver (Ephesians 6:23-24)2020-05-15
Phil 2:5-11Humility2018-10-03
Col 1:13-18I’m retiring2020-11-30
Col 1:20What will the post-apocalyptic world be like?2019-03-22
1 Tim 2:1-6Who will save us?2018-09-24
1 Tim 2:1-6Don’t expect our politicians to be gods2019-05-08
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2 Tim 3:16-17Reading together2020-06-10
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