Formed in God’s story (free course)

[Last Update 2023-05-05: Podcasts from Week 2, and notes for week 3 added.]

How well could you explain the big arc of the Bible’s narrative? Could you piece together the Old Testament story from its creative beginning in Genesis to the postexilic Persian pressure of Esther’s time?

I’m preparing a sweeping 6-week overview of the Torah and historical books, and you’re invited. If you’re in Perth Western Australia, let’s get together. If not, you can still download the notes each week to catch the wind of what God is doing.

Formed in God’s Story: Genesis to Esther covers the 17 foundational books that provide context for the Psalms and Prophets. This is the backstory for Jesus’ mission (Matthew – John), our mission (Acts – Jude), and the restoration of all things (Revelation).

This is God’s story, but we’re not merely binge watching it. We’re living in it. We’re being formed in God’s story.

Please register if you’ll be attending in person. (It helps with planning.)

  • When: 7–9 pm Wednesdays, 26 April – 31 May 2023
  • Where: Riverview Church, Burswood
  • Cost: no charge


This is series 1 of Formed in God’s story, episodes 1–12:

Week 1:  Why Israel?  (Genesis) — Notes (PDF).
• God reigns over all  (Genesis 1–11) — Podcast.
• God chooses a people to represent him  (Genesis 12–40) — Podcast.

Week 2:  God’s nation established  (Exodus) — Notes (PDF).
• God saves from oppression  (Exodus 1–18) — Podcast.
• God saves into his sovereignty  (Exodus 19–40) — Podcast.

Week 3:  A people led by God  (Leviticus – Joshua) — Notes (PDF).
• Devoted to the Lord  (Leviticus, Numbers) — Podcast.
• A Holy Land  (Deuteronomy, Joshua) — no recording available.

Week 4:  A king anointed  (Judges – 2 Samuel) — Notes (PDF).
• Struggling without a king  (Judges) — Podcast.
• Struggling with a king  (1 Samuel – 2 Samuel) — Podcast.

Week 5:  Disintegrating kingdom  (Kings – Chronicles) — Notes (PDF).
• The kings could not save  (1 Kings – 2 Kings 16) — Podcast.
• The kingdoms of Israel and Judah fall  (2 Kings 17–25) — Podcast.

Week 6:  Unresolved exile  (Ezra – Esther) — Notes (PDF).
• Rebuilding after exile  (Ezra/Nehemiah) — Podcast.
• Living under foreign rule  (Esther, Daniel) — Podcast.

Author: Allen Browne

Seeking to understand Jesus in the terms he chose to describe himself: son of man (his identity), and kingdom of God (his mission). Riverview Church, Perth, Western Australia

3 thoughts on “Formed in God’s story (free course)”

  1. Thanks, Joyce. Bookmark this post, and we’ll upload the notes each week.
    So good to hear that you’re helping little ones to discover the big sweep of God’s Story. What a solid foundation for their precious lives.


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