Formed in God’s story: Leviticus – Joshua

This is part 3 of a survey of the Torah and historical books, looking at how we are Formed in God’s Story: Genesis–Esther.

We saw that all people belong to God, but in response to the nations going their own way God promised his own nation to show what they’re missing (Genesis).

We saw God freeing Jacob’s descendants from bondage to human rule, forming them into a nation under his leadership through the Sinai covenant (Exodus).

This third part describes life in the kingdom led by the Lord:

  • How were the people to live as a nation that honours its sovereign? Leviticus answers the holiness question.
  • What if his people don’t follow him? Won’t that wreck God’s plans? Numbers addresses the faithlessness question.
  • What about the next generation? Deuteronomy deals with the generational issue.
  • What about the nations that already occupied the land God promised them? Joshua confronts the territorial issue.

So, here are the notes for part 3, covering these four books:

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Formed in God’s story: Exodus

[Updated 2023-05-05: Podcasts added]

God desires to rescue his earthly realm from the powers that oppress us because of lust for power. Pharaoh is the example in Exodus. God saves the descendants of Jacob, forming them in a nation to show the other nations what God intends for us all: how it works when we live under his wise and caring leadership.

But not long after his people agreed to live in covenant relationship with their heavenly sovereign, the whole relationship was compromised by their unfaithfulness. That’s when they discovered the faithfulness of God: his persistent, caring, uncompromising faithfulness kept on rescuing them.

Eventually they provided the holy space for God to live among them and lead them. The final chapter of Exodus celebrates God’s glorious presence as he leads the people who recognize his kingship.

It’s how the world should always have been: God living among us and leading us.

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Formed in God’s story (free course)

[Last Update 2023-05-05: Podcasts from Week 2, and notes for week 3 added.]

How well could you explain the big arc of the Bible’s narrative? Could you piece together the Old Testament story from its creative beginning in Genesis to the postexilic Persian pressure of Esther’s time?

I’m preparing a sweeping 6-week overview of the Torah and historical books, and you’re invited. If you’re in Perth Western Australia, let’s get together. If not, you can still download the notes each week to catch the wind of what God is doing.

Formed in God’s Story: Genesis to Esther covers the 17 foundational books that provide context for the Psalms and Prophets. This is the backstory for Jesus’ mission (Matthew – John), our mission (Acts – Jude), and the restoration of all things (Revelation).

This is God’s story, but we’re not merely binge watching it. We’re living in it. We’re being formed in God’s story.

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