Hi. I’m Allen Browne, and I want to understand Jesus better.

If Jesus had an About page, he would identify himself as “son of man.” His activity was “kingdom of God.” The son of man establishing the kingdom of God? Is that how you describe Jesus? It shocked me to realize I didn’t understand Jesus in the terms he used to describe himself. That is now the pursuit of my life, and the reason for this blog.

My day job is discipling at Riverview Church in Perth, Western Australia. You can download notes and podcasts for some of our Advance in Faith courses. I’ve also written a 200,000-word devotional commentary for Bibleview 2, a daily-reading app for iOS and Android.

Before that, I pastored a couple of churches, and worked in cross-denominational Christian radio. I’ve always been a geek, even running a small software business for a while—developing small databases, offering training, providing tips on Microsoft Access, and co-authoring a book titled Essential Access 95. My wife Robyn and I have four children and four grandchildren.

I have a 5-year Bachelor of Theology (Ozark Christian College), and a Graduate Diploma of Theology (Australian College of Theology). But it was N. T. Wright who convinced me I needed to understand Jesus in his historical setting, from a first-century Jewish perspective. Tom’s earlier books —The New Testament and the People of God and Jesus and the Victory of God — provided the framework for the questions I’m asking about how Jesus understood the kingdom.

For a more detailed list of influences, see bibliography.

So, I plan to spend the rest of my life learning who Jesus was, and why he thought the kingdom of God was the core of everything. Join me in seeking the kingdom.

Perth and the Swan River, from Kings Park