Should Christians support or oppose Trump’s impeachment?

What should Christians make of Donald Trump’s impeachment?

  • Is Christianity Today right to condemn him as unfit for office, that he “should be removed … not a matter of partisan loyalties but loyalty to the Creator of the Ten Commandments”?
  • Is Franklin Graham right to keep supporting him, claiming “No President has done more for the Evangelical community”?

Do Christians have a moral responsibility to stand up for righteousness? Or should Christians stay out of politics? What’s our role?

A democracy expects its people to take responsibility for the leaders. It’s a freedom not everyone has: in a totalitarian system, opposing a ruler may cost you your life.

But don’t confuse your democratic rights with your Christian faith. Allegiance to Jesus has nothing to do with allegiance to a political party, or to democracy.

Christians believe that Jesus is God’s appointed ruler (the Christ). A person becomes a Christian by giving allegiance to Jesus as our ruler (confessing Jesus as Lord). The world is saved when these two declarations coincide, when humans gladly give allegiance to the ruler God anointed (Jesus Christ our Lord).

Given the tyranny we’re accustomed to, this is good news. In the world we know, people in power prefer to crucify God’s anointed rather than make way for him. But the good news is that God raised him out of death, seated him at the right hand of the majesty on high, and gave him all authority in heaven and on earth. Jesus became our Lord not by forcing himself on anyone, but by giving his life for his people. He’s the only ruler worthy of the name.

Trump can’t save us. Democracy can’t. Political leaders make some difference in the short term, but they aren’t the Messiah and they can’t change the world. Supporting them or decrying their wickedness — neither option is what God called us to do.

The problem with Franklin Graham is that he does not understand the gospel as the salvation of the world into the reign of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. He thinks the gospel is telling people they’re sinners, so they’ll feel their personal guilt and seek forgiveness. Because he’s missing the corporate dimension of the world restored to be the global community under God’s reign (the kingdom of God), he has wasted countless hours in promoting a false gospel, a false Messiah, a false way to save America. A false prophet is one who promotes the beast (i.e. the earthly power that is not the Lamb appointed by God).

Neither Franklin Graham nor Mark Galli (editor of Christianity Today) speak as private citizens. They speak as spokesmen for Christianity (or segments of it). When Galli condemns the President as a lawbreaker unfit to rule (appealing to the Ten Commandments), he is heard as another judgemental voice. The world is sick of Christians who think their role is enforcing Christian values on society.

God never called his people to be judges, to pass sentence on presidents or sinners. The whole business of condemning sinners (right-wing) or systemic injustice (left-wing) assumes our role is one of condemnation. The world doesn’t need judgemental Christians; it needs people who believe and embody the good news that Jesus rescues the world from every form of evil.

Trump is just a man who ruled 2% of earth for a few years. His impeachment will come and go. It’s not the end of the world. It’s not the end of evil in high places.

Let’s get the Christian voice back on-message. We’re not avoiding politics. This is our politics:
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved. (Acts 4:12).

Author: Allen Browne

Seeking to understand Jesus in the terms he chose to describe himself: son of man (his identity), and kingdom of God (his mission). Riverview Church, Perth, Western Australia

2 thoughts on “Should Christians support or oppose Trump’s impeachment?”

  1. The Question: Should Christians support or oppose Trump’s impeachment? Perhaps better stated: Is it a Christians responsibility to be involved in the political direction of the country?

    My reply would be yes, by all means! In the USA voting is a component of our civil responsibility; to vote for representatives that will move the country in the desired direction. Unfortunately, there are many in this country today who oppose Christian belief in Christ Jesus and therefore, a Godly direction for the nation. Standing for or against the impeachment of a duly elected President is of great importance to our nation. Therefore, as citizens of this nation Christians have an obligation to make their voice heard in this event.

    If left to the media one might believe that the President is guilty of wrongdoing. There are those who even stated that his conversation, while not impeachable, was wrong. A typical politician way of appeasing their constituents.

    Personally, having watched most of the hearings and read the transcripts of the phone call – I’m shocked! The democrats have stepped WAY over the line with manipulation of the events and outright lies. Even the Supreme Court Judge RBG, who by the way is a very decided Liberal and dislikes the President, said that the entire impeachment was WRONG and disgusts her! WoW!
    The request for information regarding the shady, corrupt, OPENLY stated by Joe Biden, Quid-Pro-Quo — Fire the prosecutor or you will not get the money… is and was in need of investigation, and all the more so if that person is in a position to become president of the USA!!! Therefore, NO PROBLEM with President Trumps request! It certainly was not digging up dirt on an opponent – on the other hand attempting dig up dirt is PRECISELY what the democrats were engaged in doing to president Trump!

    While I do not like or approve of all his tweets, language etc… President Trump is moving the balance back toward a Christian nation once again. Not to mention from a purely secular perspective, doing GREAT things for our nation! God can, will and does use anybody for His purpose and intent! I also believe that God places people in positions as rulers and we are commanded to PRAY for them. It is for this reason therefore, that I believe God has placed President Trump in office for such a time as this!
    If you do not agree, perhaps its that you may be hearing too much garbage reporting, reporting riddled with lies and deceit – the news media beast has set out to beguile its hearers/readers – don’t be consumed by it!!!!

    As for Franklin Graham, I do not have much to say about him one way or the other… I do not specifically follow him, yet I have heard much of what he has said and what he stands for. Therefore, calling him a false prophet, promoting a false gospel and promoting the beast is, incorrect. WoW really!? And why do you hold that position… because he tells people they’re sinners? What did Paul do in each of his letters to the churches… He called out their SIN. Similarly so in all the post gospel books… There is a balance – people are sinners and need to be educated on why that is – they need to confront their sin, they also need to hear of the Love of God and why Christ Jesus had to endure the cross to pay the price for sin… should we accept his merciful gift and… quit purposing to sin. We need introspection, we need to see our sin to understand His forgiveness, to understand just how significant a price His death on the cross was!! Jesus Christ is the Lamb – the final sacrifice for sin. By the way, the Biblical Jesus the Christ is the ONLY savior I have ever heard Franklin speak of. If you know something specific, inform me…

    As for President Trump and Franklin’s support of him… President Trump is not the Messiah! He is a man placed in a position of power by God, no matter how God chooses to use him and therefore, Franklin, along with many other evangelicals are supporting him whilst the onslaught of the enemy continues to attack him.

    If God had not placed President Trump in the Presidents seat, the enemies of Christ Jesus would not be trying so desperately to destroy and eject him! Liberal Democrats are God haters working only to tear down Christ Jesus and all He stands for in this country. Therefore, I will continue to speak out politically to advance the current Presidency – its good for this country in both the secular and Christian fronts – but I still do not approve of the Presidents language, among other things. I Pray he would see the error in his ways; perhaps Franklin can talk with him about sin!? We ALL need to confront our sin, do battle with it, fight the good fight! NONE of us are perfect…


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