Meet the author of life (John 1:1–14)

How do you find the meaning to life? Meet the Author.

What’s life about? Its architect knows.

1 It all started with what the Author said.
What he wrote reflects the Author.
2 The Author was present in what he wrote.

3 The whole story came out of his being.
Not a single thing came from elsewhere.

4 It all came to life with his life.
He was the spark of human life.
5 That spark still shines in dark places.
The dark never overpowered it.

6 The Author wrote someone named John into his story.
7-8 His role was to draw attention to the light.
He wasn’t the light, just pointing to the light,
so everyone would be loyal to the light through his evidence.
9 What John pointed to was the source of light,
the spark of everyone life.
The Author of Light was stepping into
the world of his story.

10 Yes, he was here, in the world he established as his story.
No, his world did not know who he was.
11 He approached the characters of his own story,
but they turned away from him.

12 For those who did receive him,
he gave an authoritative role in his story:
being ‘children of the Author’
because they relied on his name.

13 That life is not inherited from your kin.
It’s not defined by your genes
or set out in a human script.
‘Children of God’ come to life
with the Author’s life.

14 What the Author wrote came into being
as he stepped into the story and lived among us.
We saw his brilliance —
the brilliance of the unique Child
born of the Author,
radiating his life-giving character,
full of the truth of his life.

Full disclosure: this mediation was based on John 1:1-14, though it doesn’t begin to do justice to everything the fourth evangelist packed into his prologue.

Author: Allen Browne

Seeking to understand Jesus in the terms he chose to describe himself: son of man (his identity), and kingdom of God (his mission). Riverview Church, Perth, Western Australia

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