A present or future kingdom?

If there is an aspect of the kingdom that divides opinion, it is the question of when. Some (e.g. dispensationalists) have a strong commitment to a future kingdom (e.g. the millennium). Others perceive the kingdom as already here in the present—realized (or at least partly realized). The “when?” question Continue reading “A present or future kingdom?”

Why didn’t Jesus define the kingdom?

Jesus taught his followers to seek first the kingdom. And what he taught, he did. (There’s a book opportunity right there: if Jesus operated with integrity, how does his life explain his teaching, and how does his teaching explain his life?)

If the kingdom of God was the core of Jesus’ life and message, why do we have so much confusion
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Here’s a quick quiz. No trick questions: just consider the words you would use to describe some of the central tenets of the Christian faith. Please take a moment to record your responses before reading on.

  1. Who was Jesus (his identity)?
  2. What did Jesus come to do (his mission)?
  3. What was the good news according to Jesus (his gospel), in one sentence?

There is no one right answer Continue reading “Questions”