500 posts

This is our 500th post. It’s a gift to you: an online resource to help you see life the way Jesus saw it — as the kingdom of God.

With the Scripture Index, you have a free commentary on Matthew 1-14 (144 posts). We’ve also covered Genesis 1-36 (71 posts) and Exodus 1-14 (35 posts), showing how to read the Old Testament as the kingdom story. We’re currently in Ephesians (20 posts), since the epistles spell out how to live as the kingdom of Christ Jesus our Lord.

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Posting pause

Don’t expect many posts on this blog over the next few months. I’ll be seeking the kingdom for the rest of my life, but right now there’s a college to launch.

So, keep using the posts here as an online commentary. You’ll find them in the Scripture Index. There’s heaps on Genesis 1–37 and Matthew 1–14, and others like Psalm 23 and John 3:16 from a kingdom perspective. Continue reading “Posting pause”