Jesus the questioner

Why did Jesus ask so many questions if he already knew the answers?

Ever notice how many questions Jesus asked? What was he saying? And what can I learn from him?

The Gospels recount more than 300 questions on the lips of Jesus. To see what he asked us to consider, paste this into a Bible search in Logos Bible Software:

{Section <Sentence = Interrogative>} INTERSECTS {Speaker <Person Jesus>}

It’s okay to have questions. It gets you thinking. Jesus was a master at that.

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Asking good questions (Matthew 8:1-4)

The questions you ask shape what you become.

Want good answers? Ask good questions.

We all bring own questions and interests and beliefs to Scripture when we read. To understand its message well, set your agenda aside for a while, bathe in the text, and let it raise questions for you.

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