“The NT in its world”: free podcasts

Free podcasts related to “The New Testament in its World” by N. T. Wright and Michael Bird and other commentators.

Last year, Tom Wright and Mike Bird released a book and video classes on The New Testament in its World.

Now they’re releasing free podcasts. Scroll down this page:

This series is not a survey of NT content. It’s background information for understanding the NT in its setting, and therefore how to approach it today.

Along with Michael Bird (Australia) and N. T. Wright (UK), these podcasts feature top-quality NT lecturers and commentators.

Direct links for the first five podcasts:

  1. Craig Keener, Beginning NT Study, and a Conversation in Jerusalem
  2. Lynn Cohick, Canonization, and N. T. Wright’s Reading and Research Habits
  3. Jeannie K. Brown, The Jewish Context of Jesus, and ‘Faith in Christ’ vs ‘Faithfulness of Christ’
  4. Nijay Gupta, The Story of Paul’s Life and Ministry, and N. T. Wright’s Favourite NT Book
  5. Esau McCaulley, The Afterlife in Greco-Roman Thought, and Teaching on the NT

Highly recommended.

Author: Allen Browne

Seeking to understand Jesus in the terms he chose to describe himself: son of man (his identity), and kingdom of God (his mission). Riverview Church, Perth, Western Australia

2 thoughts on ““The NT in its world”: free podcasts”

  1. Hey Big Al, really enjoyed these 5 pods – informative and stimulating. Are there more than these 5 audio pods? Tried the home page link and that is a bit unclear unless you purchase the video links. Thought I would ask you direct.:-)

    You still have a avid reader of your pages – very much on your way of thinking on the structure of His kingdom. Cheers bro Neil

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    1. Hi Neil
      So good to hear from you. You’ve shared this journey with me since before I ever started blogging.
      At the time I wrote this post, I wasn’t clear if the team would release podcasts beyond these five. They haven’t. Perhaps that’s all they intended.
      As you say, the kingdom framework really does make Scripture come alive. Tomorrow’s post (2000-09-18) will be a paradigmatic example of how it makes sense of passages that otherwise are problematic.
      God bless


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