Free book (Logos)

From time to time, I’ll post about special offers from Logos Bible Software since that’s what I use for my research.

Each month they offer a free book, and a heavily discounted one. For May 2016, these are both by Alister McGrath:

Alister McGrath is one of Britain’s top apologists. He addresses the questions people are actually asking.

Logos also has Verbum (for Catholics) and  Vyrso (for non-academic readers). Verbum also offers a free book and a heavily discounted one each month. The discounted one this month is by a commentator who addresses questions of interest to many Bible students:

Related links:

If you are not familiar with Logos, they charge for the books, not the software (a bit like Kindle). On the PC or Mac, this is powerful research software. On iPad/iPhone or Android, you can read your books, but without the full power of the desktop versions. They also have an app for the Kindle Fire. This is the install link.

The resources are expensive. You can start by just buying a couple of bibles and books, but you need one of the base packages if you want to do serious study with interlinear bibles that show you the original languages (Hebrew and Greek). Base packages start at US $295. It does take some time to learn, so take advantage of the free training videos. The forums also provide good peer support.

Just to be clear, I don’t get anything from Logos for posting this.

Post a comment if you have a question or suggestion about using Logos as a research platform for biblical studies.

Author: Allen Browne

Seeking to understand Jesus in the terms he chose to describe himself: son of man (his identity), and kingdom of God (his mission). Riverview Church, Perth, Western Australia

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